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Sara Gita Soble founded Relationshift in 2019 with the aim of providing a safe and nurturing space for women seeking an exclusively Jewish approach to marriage support and education. The Relationshift Method is grounded in 13 guiding principles rooted in Torah sources, illuminating how the beautiful dance between masculine and feminine energies can thrive. By integrating these principles into our programs, we foster deeper connections and harmonious relationships. Our offerings include individual coaching, group workshops, national retreats, and a supportive community designed to empower and uplift women along their relationship journeys.

Sara Gita Soble, founder

Our Team

Our team of Certified Relationshift Coaches is made up of women just like you.  They have all seen the power of integrating the 13 Relationshift Principles in their own marriages and are here to support and guide you in your quest for a deep sense of Shalom Bayis in your home.

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Michal Harel

Certified Relationshift Coach

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Mushka Kesselman
Certified Relationshift Coach


Becky Miller, MMFT

Certified Relationshift Coach

Becky is a deeply insightful educator and coach. She holds a Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy. Passionate about marriage and all relationships, Becky’s soothing presence, enthusiastic energy, and clear guidance are refreshing. Becky lives in Philadelphia, PA with her husband and two children.


Shaina Brody
Certified Relationshift Coach

Shaina is a mind and body healer with a practice in Baltimore, MD, where she lives with her husband and eight children. As a licensed massage therapist, reflexologist, and somatic energy healer, Shaina blends her special brand of healing with relationship coaching.

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Hindi Kalmenson

Certified Relationshift Coach


Hindi is a deeply insightful marriage and relationship coach. Her gentle coaching and clear direction inspires growth and clarity. Hindi is passionate about relationships, self development and nature. Hindi lives with her husband and four children in LA.


Menucha Shochet

Certified Relationshift Coach

Menucha is a shlucha, educator, mentor, public speaker, and coach.  She brings her experience and passion into her work, helping women bring their relationships to the next level of joy and intimacy.  She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and six children.

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Chaya Tzukernik

Certified Relationshift Coach

Chaya is a sought-after speaker for women's events and celebrated high school teacher. Chaya is passionate about taking deep Chassidic teachings and making them relevant to your marriage. She lives in Crown Heights with her husband and four children.


Fraidy Gerlitzky
Certified Relationshift Coach

Fraidy is a profound and perceptive coach. She is passionate about women living lives that are happy, free, and full of joy every day regardless of their stories. Fraidy lives with her husband and 4 children on shlichus in Hawaii.


Sara Schwartz

Certified Relationshift Coach

Sara is a mover and shaker! She is passionate about helping women create change in their relationships and embrace their femininity through creative art and dance. Sara lives with her husband and six children in Los Angeles, California.


Leah Peleg

Certified Relationshift Coach

Leah specializes in intimacy healing. Using the Relationshift principles, EFT, conscious intimacy techniques, meditation, and a grounded view towards Taharas Hamishpacha, Leah empowers women to transform their relationships.

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Dvora Green

Certified Relationshift Coach

Dvora Green has been on Shlichus for over 20 years while raising her large family. She is familiar with a range of modalities of emotional healing and healthy living. Dvora is passionate about empowering women to create harmony and unity in their marriages.

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The Thirteen
Relationshift Principles

Sara Gita Soble's 13 Relationshift Principles empower our programs, fostering liberation and effective communication. Our Coach Training Program ensures our team members are trained in the transformative Relationshift Method.

What makes us unique?

Discover the purpose and gifts in every relationship with Relationshift. Guided by the 13 Principles, our coaching sessions empower women, fostering alignment within themselves and their femininity. Embrace joyful connections based on timeless Torah values. Inclusive support for all relationships, including single Jewish women.

Our Vision and Mission

Our vision is for every Jewish family to experience a deep sense of Shalom Bayis based on Torah values. Our mission is to inspire, teach, and support Jewish women to discover how to bring out the best in themselves and their relationships.

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