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About Us

Sara Gita Soble created Relationshift in 2019 to answer the need for an organization that would offer an exclusively Jewish education and support system for women in their marriages.  The Relationshift Method is based on 13 principles, from genuine Torah sources, of how the Male/ Female relationship is built to work. When these principles are called into play, the energy between the couple will shift into greater connection and satisfying resolutions.   We offer Marriage and Relationship Support and Education through Individual Coaching, Group Workshops, National Retreats, and a Supportive Community.

Our Vision
and Mission

Our vision is for every Jewish family to experience a deep sense of Shalom Bayis based on Torah values. Our mission is to inspire, teach, and support Jewish women to discover how to bring out the best in themselves and their relationships.

The Thirteen
Relationshift Principles

Sara Gita Soble has developed 13 Relationshift Principles that guide all of our programs.  These principles offer a liberating approach to resolving hurt and create powerful new ways of communicating complex subjects that leave both partners in a marriage feeling connected and with a renewed sense of intimacy. 

She trains the team members in the Relationshift Method through our Coach Training Program.


What makes us unique?

The Relationshift difference is found in the premise that we operate from. Part of our premise is that the challenges that we face are not in our lives randomly. Every relationship and circumstance is by Divine design and is therefore purposeful and contains a gift. Finding that gift brings relief and joy, where there once was suffering and lack. Each coaching session is guided by the 13 Relationshift Principles. The Relationshift Principles guide our mindsets so that we can discover the opportunity and connection available in our relationships . Ultimately, when we grow our perspectives, we grow ourselves. The process is individual and exhilarating. Relationshift brings alignment to women within themselves and their femininity, based on timeless Torah values. 


Our approach is inclusive and impacts all relationships, though we focus on marriage. We cater to single Jewish women as well.

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