Register for the upcoming Relationshift Coach Training

I acknowledge your interest in Relationshift coach training. I love that you are a woman that is inspired to transform your life and marriage as well as the lives and marriages of others. This work is precious and requires a significant investment of time, effort and resources. It is well worth it, and will BezH be returned to you many times over. The Relationshift difference is found in the premise that we operate from. Part of our premise is that the challenges that we face are not in our lives randomly. Every relationship and circumstance is by Divine Design and is therefore purposeful and contains a gift. Finding that gift brings relief and joy, where there once was suffering and lack. Each coaching session is guided by the 13 Relationshift Principles. The Relationshift Principles guide our mindsets so that we can discover the opportunity and connection available in our relationships . Ultimately, when we grow our perspectives, we grow ourselves. The process is unique and exhilarating. Sholom Bayis is the challenge of our times because we are so close to Geulah. This work reaches well beyond our personal marriage and relationships. It is a huge zchus to contribute to Am Yisrael in this way. It is not necessary to be fluent in the Relationshift Principles to begin coach training. We start at the beginning to build a solid knowledge base. What is important is your desire and aptitude. We will be beginning the next Relationshift Coach Training course BezH Oct 26th 8 PM EST

Please confirm whether you will be joining the Oct 26th course. If the timing is an issue for you, and you would like to be informed of an upcoming course, please indicate below.