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Here are some frequently asked questions:

What is Relationshift?


Relationshift is a revolutionary coaching program that supports and empowers women to create more connection in their lives and relationships. Through Relationshift coaching, women consistently turn marriages that were painful and disconnected to marriages that are filled with love and support.


The coaching methodology is based on the 13 Relationshift Principles. 


What are the 13 Relationshift Principles?


The 13 Relationshift Principles are fundamental truths from Torah, Chassidus, and Kabbalah. These principles are the stepping stones towards connected and fulfilling lives and relationships according to Torah Values. 


Is this one of those programs that is all on the woman? 


No one wants to be the only one doing all the work in their relationship.

However, our relationships are the sum total of our parts, which means that if either partner decides to grow, the relationship will change accordingly.  

Part of our premise is that the challenges that we face are not in our lives randomly. Rather, they are opportunities that we have a choice to use as powerful templates for personal growth. 

Ultimately this is about you- when we grow our perspectives, we grow ourselves.


What is coaching and how is it different from therapy?


Relationshift coaching is unique in that in addition to the empathy and opportunity to process your feelings, Relationshift coaches are trained to bring solid Torah truths to every situation. These powerful perspectives are incredibly effective in building trust, connection and support in your relationship. 

Relationshift coaches do not diagnose dysfunction, rather, they identify and develop the goodness and value in your relationship. 

In addition, Relationshift coaches do not speak theory. Each coach has personally experienced the difference that integrating the 13 Relationshift Principles has brought to their lives. This brings depth and relatability to your session. 


What happens in a coaching call?


A coaching call is typically up to one hour. 

The first session will be mostly devoted to your relationship history, and your coach will begin to identify the dynamic that is present in your marriage. 

The following sessions will follow a regular pattern- Your coach will invite you to share what is on your mind. She will help you process the challenges you are facing with deep listening and empathy. Next, she will invite you to explore your underlying beliefs and perspectives with gentle questions and guidance. Using the 13 Relationshift Principles, you will integrate the mindset shift and actions that will support the growth in yourself and your marriage


Can I meet a coach in person? 

You can definitely request a face to face meeting, obviously depending on location, and your coach may be able to accommodate you. However, most sessions are held over the phone, or zoom. 


How long will this take? 


I invite you to release expectations of having a timeline for this work. Every woman’s journey is unique. The shift towards growth is individual and internal. As such, you may request support for as long or as little time as you need. In general we find that most women fall somewhere between 4 months and 2 years. 


I’m scared that I’ll work so hard, and then regress and lose everything once I stop. 


Sounds a little like a diet! 

Fortunately, The Relationshift Principles are a mindset shift. Once you know something, you can’t unknow it. Though you may forget and need a reminder sometimes, as we all do! 

Our actions and reactions naturally rise from our perspectives. While growth is a work of a lifetime, the perspectives you will integrate, and the results you experience stick because Relationshift is an inside out approach. 

How much is coaching?


Coaching is $100 for a Certified Relationshift Coach, $150 for a Certified Relationshift Executive coach, and $200 for a Certified Relationshift Master Coach. To speak with Relationshift Founder, Sara Gita Soble, it is $350. 


What is the difference between the different types of coaches? 


A Certified Relationshift Coach is competent and skilled to handle the spectrum of relationship challenges. You can feel secure that you are receiving guidance that is professional and effective. A Certified Relationshift Executive coach has more experience and in general if you are dealing with an acute situation of betrayal or abuse, you will want to invest in Executive coaching. A Certified Relationshift Master coach oversees the training and development of new Relationshift coach trainees and is a valuable resource. 


How do I get in touch with a coach?


You can book a coach through our website!  Just click on the link beneath their bio and that link will direct you to their personal page. From there you will be able to access more information like schedule and pricing. 


What types of support does Relationshift offer?


Relationshift has an abundance of support to offer.  In addition to one-on-one coaching, we have a range of workshops that cater to women all over the world. These workshops take place in person or on zoom. We offer general group coaching once a week as a gift to our community of women, as well as specialized group coaching to create fellowship and support around a particular challenge. In addition, we host retreats in the United States on both the East and West Coasts yearly. 


Which coach should I speak to?


You can choose which coach you would like to speak to or share a bit of your story or what you are looking for and we can refer you to a coach that we feel you will relate to well.  

Can I switch coaches once I’ve started? 

While we hope that you will connect with the coach that you’ve started with, we are here to support you. We suggest that you give it a few sessions to build rapport, but if that is not happening for you, you are welcome to work with another coach. 


What are your credentials?


Relationshift was founded in 2019.  Sara Gita has been training coaches ever since.  Every Coach in our program has undergone 18 months of intense training and has at least six months of experience where she must coach with supervision before she is qualified to coach. 

Our greatest credentials are the miracles we are privileged to witness as home after home are transformed into bastions of peace, harmony and love. 


Who is Sara Gita?  


Sara Gita Soble is the Founder of Relationshift.  She compiled the 13 Principles and developed and runs our very successful coach training program. She is the heart and soul of Relationshift. 


Can you help me?


There is a certain level of readiness and willingness to grow that is necessary for your coaching sessions to be effective. 

The Relationshift Program and Principles have helped many women who have felt hopeless to restore their relationships.  

 Are you willing to see what may open up for you with Relationshift?

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