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Check out the articles below, including news pieces about our events and podcasts on which our celebrated coaches have been interviewed.


Episode #35- Relationshift- with Certified Marriage Coach Hindi Kalmenson

September 24, 2022

Raizel Shusterman at "A Positive Podcast" interviews Hindi Kalmenson about "Relationshift"!


5 Secrets of Effective Communication in your marriage

October 27, 2022

Devora Krasnianski of Adai Ad talks with Sara Gita Soble of Mindshift about effective communication in marriage. It's much more than words - it is a mindset.

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Marriage the way it was meant to be

October 27, 2022

Chai Elul- Marriage the way it was meant to be w/ Sara Gita Soble and Rivky Katz


117 Women Inspired by ‘Relationshift’ Workshop in Los Angeles

May 3, 2022

An article about the Relationshift Workshops held in Los Angeles and how they have impacted the women attending.


Create a Relationshift with
Sara Gita Soble

January 25, 2022

Sara Blau of the Optimizing Mothers Podcast interviews Relationshift Founder and Master Coach, Sara Gita Soble, to discuss how to create a more joyful marriage and home.


‘Relationshift’ Marriage Workshop Inspires Women in Miami

January 18, 2022

An article about the Relationshift Workshop held in Wynwood Arts District, Miamo on Sunday, January 9th, 2022.


30 Women Join ‘Relationshift’ Marriage Retreat in California

December 28, 2021

An article about the Relationshift Retreat held in Somis, California from December 17 to 19, 2021, with comments from retreat participants.


Is This Thought True?
Chayale Tzukernik

October 3, 2021

Tonya Chazanow of the Human & Holy Podcast interviews Chayale Tzukernik about the role our thoughts play in the way we view the world.


Learning to Receive 
Hindi Kalmenson

December 9, 2020

Tonya Chazanow of the Human & Holy Podcast interviews

Hindi Kalmenson about the relationship between giver and receiver.

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Vayishlach Daas Discussion - Sara Gita Soble

December 5, 2023

A giver. A receiver. Is one side greater then the other?
Sara Gita Soble founder of the Realtionshift program is here with us today to discuss the Mashpia and mekabel dynamic, and how both roles are equally valuable and important.
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The Pesach Shmooz with Hindi Kalmenson

April 12, 2024

Learn to navigate the pressures of Pesach with us through this meaningful conversation with the amazing Hindi Kalmenson, the relationship expert.

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