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Women from across the United States and from all walks of Jewish life are invited to attend Relationshift Marriage Retreats at different beautiful locations.  Surrounded by nature, the women soak in a weekend of spirituality, mindfulness, and workshops. Certified Relationshift Coaches lead the event under the guidance of Relationshift Founder, Sara Gita Soble. 

Somis, CA 93066, USA

The ideas presented at the retreat spoke directly to my soul, in a very deep way.  It was not your typical marriage retreat, which focuses on changing behaviors, without truly getting to the bottom of things. We got to the bottom of fear that really drives a lot of our behavior.


The retreat atmosphere also allowed us to all connect with other women, and realize we are all struggling with the same things. It allowed us to tap into our feminine energy and be prepared to show up in our homes with incredible positive energy. The Chassidus and Maamarim discussed in such a tangible way blew my mind. Relationshift is changing homes and our children’s future.

Somis December 2021 Retreat Participant

Sample Retreat Activities


“Redefining Respect
and Taking Ownership"


"Divine Design Meditation"


“Where Do Facts End and Feelings Begin?”


"Express Your Inner Joy Through Movement"

Real Results

Women who have attended past retreats say that they were touched in a very real way.  The Relationshift Method is truly changing women and bringing love and peace to Jewish homes across the country.  


Participants from past retreats have reported a new sense of peace in their lives, which has even impacted their children's emotional health! Through Relationshift, women are feeling empowered to bring a true sense of Shalom Bayis into their lives as they learn to understand their own identity and themselves in the process.

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