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Speaking with a Certified Relationshift Coach is a gift to yourself and your marriage. Your marriage is precious and deserves to thrive. 


During your one on one coaching session, you will have the opportunity to resolve the specific challenges you are facing. You will receive deep support as well as guidance that is actionable and effective. The coaching process is invaluable to integrating real change and growth in your marriage. 


You can achieve connection, peace and joy in your home, and we are here to support you!

It’s hard to put into words exactly what I want to thank you for, so I’ll say simply, thank you for helping me dramatically shift the dynamics of my marriage. I've been feeling the effects of my mindset change so strongly these past few months and am so so grateful!

How Ongoing Coaching Works

Share a Win

You are invited to share a win that had occurred that week.  All wins are celebrated!

Resolve a Challenge

We then spend most of the session unraveling a challenge that you may want to resolve.

The Takeaway

  Once there is closure, you're asked for your takeaway, and one thing you may want to be acknowledged for.

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