Speaking with a Certified Relationshift Coach is a gift to yourself and your marriage. Your coach is trained to fully support you through a challenge and will share principles that have helped her create the connected marriage she herself has.  She is there as an objective mentor to guide you on your journey towards a connected and intimate relationship with your spouse.


We invite you to participate in a Complimentary 20-Minute Intake Session at no cost to you at all.

How the Complimentary
20-Minute Intake Session Works


An intake session starts with the coach wanting to hear what is happening in your relationship presently. 


Once the coach has a good understanding of what challenges you are facing, she will direct you to a coach who is available to support you.


A coach who has transformed her own marriage will support and guide you on your journey.

Schedule a Complimentary
20-Minute Intake Session
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How Ongoing Coaching Works

Share a Win

You are invited to share a win that had occurred that week.  All wins are celebrated!

Resolve a Challenge

We then spend most of the session unraveling a challenge that you may want to resolve.

The Takeaway

  Once there is closure, you're asked for your takeaway, and one thing you may want to be acknowledged for.