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What is your G-dly soul?

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

A Poem

What is your G-dly soul?

Chelek eloka m’maal (a part of G-d above) -- Iyov 31:2

Perek 2 Tanya, The Alter Rebbe adds “mamash” - literally

It is a “part” of G-d above.

Not a piece.

G-d is not a pie that is divisible.

If you have a part of Him,

You have all of Him.

Perek 3 Pirkei Avos, Mishnah 14

"Man is beloved because he is made in G-d’s image"

The Jewish People are beloved because they are G-d’s children (דברים יד:א)

What does it mean that we are G-d’s children?

What are children?

Think about this - can a blind person have children who can see?

Yes, because the child is a copy of essence.


A cow gives birth to a cow

Lions have lions

Humans have humans.

What then does it mean that we are G-d’s children?

It means that our soul, our essence, is a copy of His essence.

Whatever is true of Hashem is true of us too.

How valuable is G-d?

Is there a limit to His value?

Are there conditions to His value?

What makes G-d valuable?

Is it because He created the world?

No, He was G-d before He created the world.

G-d is valuable, period.




And so are you.

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